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New Scope for 2010

The scope of 90.1 changed in 2010. Before 2010, the Standard did not cover systems installed that were not for people comfort. Now the Standard includes systems installed for industrial or manufacturing processes. The scope now reads:

This standard provides:

  1. Minimum energy-efficient requirements for the design, construction, and a plan for operation and maintenance of:
  2. New buildings and their systems
  3. New portions of buildings and their systems
  4. New systems and equipment in existing buildings
  5. New equipment or building systems specifically identified in the standard that are part of industrial or manufacturing processes

First, notice that this Standard sets the minimum requirements for the worst energy efficient building built in a location that adopts the standard. The new addition to the scope is underlined. It allows us to identify an industry and set requirements for systems used in that industry. The Standard does not automatically cover the systems in industrial and manufacturing. We must first identify that industry. The Standard does automatically cover systems used for people comfort wherever they are found. We added computer rooms and data centers in 2010.

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