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Surprising Chapter 8

interval data15 Minute Meter Data

Chapter 8 Power is where we keep our latest surprises. In 2010, we added 8.4.2 Automatic Receptacle Control. This section requires 50% of the receptacles in offices and computer classrooms to be controlled by schedule or occupancy sensors. Therefore, when the space is not being occupied, 50% of the receptacles will be off. Printing and copy rooms, workstations, break rooms, and conference rooms were added in 2013. These controlled receptacles are required to be permanently marked visually.

In 2013, requirements for sub-metering were also added to Chapter 8. Section 8.4.3 Electric Energy Monitoring requires that the electrical energy for the whole building, HVAC, interior lighting, exterior lighting, and electrical outlets all be separately monitored and reported. The reporting has to be at a minimum every 15 minutes, hourly, daily, monthly, and annually. The data must be retained a minimum of 3 years. This requirement is for buildings over 25,000 sq. ft., tenant spaces over 10,000 sq. ft. and residential buildings with over 10,000 sq, ft, of common area.

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