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The purpose of this site is to share information on ASHRAE 90.1 with people using the Standard on projects. I should be helpful to those who just want to comply with the energy code or to those that are using 90.1 in conjunction with LEED. I also hope it will be useful to Code officals and building owners who want a deeper understanding of 90.1.

I began working  on the ASHRAE 90.1 committee when the 1999 edition was being developed. I have been doing training on 90.1 for the ASHRAE Learning Institute since the 2001 was published, and began helping develop the training materials for the 2004 edition. I still do this work having completed the new training materials in time to present them at the ASHRAE conference in New York last January.

I co-authored a book last year that was a joint effort of ASHRAE and the International Code Council, called Significant Changes to the 2012 International Energy Code and ASHRAE 90.1 2010.  Now I have started this blog.

My hope for this Blog is to share information with a wider audience and make the standard easier to use. I will cover the most common questions and the more interesting sections of the Standard. All the information contained on the site is the opinion of the writer and have no official status. It is not to be understood as the 90.1 committee opinion or the opinion of any one from ASHRAE.

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